New products

By Katie Thear

Specialisation in traditional or rare breeds, especially with a local connection can increase potential returns.

In Britain, the Rare Breeds Survival Trust has set up a marketing scheme to provide breeders with sales outlets. The idea behind it is to encourage the breeding of traditional and endangered breeds. It has proved popular with butchers and customers alike.


People are becoming more interested in their food and its provenance. They are also becoming more knowledgeable. Rare breed meats and products produced from them attract premium prices.

When marketing it is worth investing time and effort into telling the story, explaining the products and contrasting your offering from that of the supermarkets. You cannot compete on their terms, basically price, but your quality can beat them hands down.

However good your product, to get people to buy it they need to have it explained to them. Why is an outdoor reared Tamworth or Gloucester Old Spot pig better than some indoor raised breed only known by its number better. Not just in terms of taste but also in ethical terms and environmental terms.

Beef from Welsh Black cattle attracts a premium price above that of Aberdeen Angus in Wales. Relating your product to the locality is the next step in local production and supply.

Don't just sell your product, sell yourselves. By this I mean pictures and explanations of how you raise your livestock and why.